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First, let me introduce myself. My name is Than Merrill and I am the founder of FortuneBuilders. You probably know me from a A&E's 'Flip This House' reality series. If you've watched my show, you know that I know almost everything there is to know about investing in real estate – but I was not always the real estate expert I am today. I was once where you were. I was paying hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars for over-priced coaching programs that just didn't work. Sure, I got some of the knowledge that I needed, but no one ever really got down to the nitty gritty details of what it would actually take for me to flip a property from start to finish. No one could tell me how to actually make any real money in real estate. I had to learn everything the hard way. I spent years building my real estate knowledge and learning the tricks of the trade.

Are you tired of running into the same dead-ends that I faced back then? Are you tired of wasting your money on programs that just don't work. Then benefit from the understanding and knowledge that I can offer – let my experience work for you!

I really wish that there had been a program like this to turn to when I was learning the ropes. Unfortunately there wasn't at that time – but now, thanks to my hard work and the work of my team, the ultimate real estate investing program is finally here for you!

FortuneBuildersU was built for investors by investors. The people who have developed and run this course are real investors. We are professionals who invest in today's market, and when the market changes, we provide the FortuneBuildersU members with processes that adapt to the changes.

FortuneBuildersU is never outdated. It's a continuing program that gets updated with relevant industry information that will teach you how you can be successful in the world of real estate. It's not just a course – it's a vision...

My Vision...

I really wanted to create a real estate investment program that was different from any other course out there. Many people look to me as an expert. I just like to think of myself as someone who really knows the ins and outs of the real estate investing world. I wanted to take that knowledge and show the world how real estate investing is really done! I wanted to blow away the so-called "gurus" who seem to keep taking people's money even though their programs really don't work. That's why I am the CEO of FortuneBuildersU today!

Why Should You Join FortuneBuildersU?

When you become a member of FortuneBuildersU, you finally have the opportunity to realize your true potential. You have access to the top minds in the real estate investment world. You have access to a program that takes you by the hand and shows you exactly how to make money by investing in real estate – step-by-step, each and every step of the way.

What Exactly Does FortuneBuildersU Offer Its Members?

Than and Paul

FortuneBuildersU is the only real estate investment program of its kind. My team and I take you from start to finish through the entire real estate investment process and give you access to a network of investing professionals who can help launch your real estate career to unprecedented levels of success.

FortuneBuildersU was created by the top minds in real estate investments. The FortuneBuilders team, including Paul and JD Esajian, have all worked together to ensure that each and every step of the real estate investment process is covered in this unique and exciting program.

And unlike other programs out there, FortuneBuildersU doesn't just teach you the basics of real estate investments. This course gives you in-depth investment tips and advice. FortuneBuildersU gives you strategies that will put real money in your pocket. Even better, this course gives you the networking edge that you need in order to succeed in the real estate world.

Members of FortuneBuildersU Learn:

The Best Way to Wholesale Properties

At FortuneBuildersU, you will learn the fastest and easiest ways to make money in real estate. If you're a beginner, this knowledge is a must! You'll learn how to put money in your pocket fast so you can move on towards the bigger and better deals that will change your life for the better.

Rehabbing Advice from the Stars

What if you knew everything that there was to know about rehabbing properties? What if you were taught by the actual stars of a flipping houses reality show? That's exactly what FortuneBuildersU offers! You'll get tools for calculating your deals, room-by-room breakdowns of every single one of your rehab elements, strategies for getting offers fast and contractor management tools.

Leveraging Technology For Maximum Efficiency

If you want to set yourself apart from the rest of the real estate investors in this world, you need to put today's technology to work for you. That means understanding the importance of social media, learning how to blog and build capture websites. You'll learn all of this plus you'll be taught the importance of phone systems, email campaigns, SEO and much more. Overwhelmed? Don't be! We'll even teach you how to outsource these responsibilities so you don't have to do the work yourself.

Building and Training A Quality Team

Every successful real estate pro has a quality team working for them. At FortuneBuildersU you learn how to build that team. Real estate agents, contractors, virtual employees & more...You will learn why each member of your team is vital & how & where to find the best of the best.

Access to Insider Marketing Secrets

If you really want to be successful in real estate, you need secrets from the insiders. That is why I personally teach our members how to market their properties – providing priceless information for buyers and sellers including direct mail strategies, online marketing techniques, how to use signs and fast and easy methods to build a quality marketing list.

Get Funding for Your Real Estate Deals

The biggest problem most real estate investors run into is funding of their deals, but FortuneBuildersU members don't have a problem in this arena. Whether you've been investing for years or you're brand new to the market, whether your credit is perfect or a complete disaster, you will learn how to find the funding to make your deals happen. Our program covers hard money finance, retirement accounts, private money lenders and other funding resources.

Bottom Line...

You'll learn everything you need to know about real estate investments. You'll have access to all of the information that it takes to locate real estate, fund the deal, rehab the property and sell it for a serious profit. But that's not all.

Members of FortuneBuildersU also get tips and advice on:

  • Networking and Relationship Building
  • Accounting Advice
  • Short Sale and Pre-Foreclosure Opportunities
  • Organization and Growth of Yourself and Your Business
  • Deal Management
  • Buy & Hold Real Estate

And this is just the tip of the iceberg! While our core program content is worth literally thousands of dollars, our bonuses are worth even more. When you join FortuneBuildersU you also get access to:

FortuneBuildersU Bonuses...

  • Monthly Live Training Calls
  • FortuneBuildersU Profit Maps
  • FortuneBuildersU Profit Maps Video Trainings
  • Facebook Group Access to Network and Build Relationships
  • Access to the FortuneBuilderU Member Directory
  • The 8-Week Marketing Jumpstart Package
  • Over 100 Hours of Downloadable Video Content (and growing!)
  • Access to Our Daily Updated Real Estate Blog

FortuneBuildersU is unlike any other program of its kind. It's revolutionary and its members are armed with everything they need to achieve real success. The only question is, will you be one of our success stories or are you going to continue to sit on the sidelines letting happiness and fortune pass you by?

Don't let fear or past failures get in the way. Work with the professional stars who know how to make your dreams happen. You don't need luck to become a real estate tycoon. You don't need a million dollars. You just need my help and you need to become a member of FortuneBuildersU!

Act NOW for a Limited Time Offer!

For a limited time we are offering complete access to everything FortuneBuildersU has to offer and you don't have to pay a dime. You get access to a free 30-day trial and then, once your trial is over, you will be charged the deeply discounted rate of $97 per month.

Others would spend thousands of dollars to get personal advice from me and the other cast members of the flipping houses reality show. You can get it free! Do not let this opportunity pass you by.

Join FortuneBuildersU right now and come work with
my team and I to make your dreams come true!

FortuneBuildersU Reviews & What Our
Customers are Saying


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5 / 5 stars -

based on 9 customer reviews

Aaron Breen & Delince Louis, Winthrop, MA

5 / 5 stars

Delince and I just wanted to drop you another thank you note as we just completed flip #2. We promise to send you an email after every successful flip. We did this deal in about 4 months as it was a REO on MLS, but would have done it in about 2 ½ months as two previous buyers fell through. We put in about $47,000 in construction and received a $40,000 dollar profit. We are about to put our 3rd flip on the market this weekend with an anticipated profit of about $65,000. I am still struggling and pounding away to implement, implement, implement, but I know we have come a long way since starting last December at this game. I wanted to thank you and everyone at FortuneBuilders again for teaching us everything that they know. We sincerely appreciate it and look forward to sending out many more of these emails to you! We have the open house this weekend for flip #3, but will definitely stop by your event this weekend at some point to say hello since you are right in our backyard in Beantown.

PS - I also recently took a page out of your playbook at our local REIA. Delince and I presented our deal of the month and did an Investor property tour with the 2 properties we were working on. 1 property was completely renovated and the other in the middle of renovations. We provided a case study showing people the real #'s and package we used to do the deal. It was a huge success and had over 20 investors walking through our project. Talk to you soon.

, Honolulu, HI

5 / 5 stars

Hi everyone. I want to thank the coaches and staff at FortuneBuilders for providing the expert tutelage and support to rock me to real estate investment success! Last month I made $32,000 on two assignment deals. The best parts? I didn't have one dollar into either deal and I didn't have to swing a single hammer! By simply marketing for deals and matching them with my buyers list, I made what used to take me months to make in my old job. I truly expect to grow a business beyond what I thought was ever possible! If you want to learn about real estate investing, talk to the pros at FortuneBuilders. They're the best in the industry, their training program is astounding and they truly care about your success. Aloha!

, Los Angeles, CA

5 / 5 stars

Since joining the FortuneBuilders team, we have dramatically changed our outlook, process, and systems for rehabbing properties. We have completed two rehabs totaling over $40,000 in profit (PROFIT, not revenue!) in the last 9 months! We are starting a third rehab and are working on several short sales as well. FortuneBuilders has allowed us to create several streams of new income and it just keeps getting better!

The teaching methods within their program are not your typical college classroom brain dumps. The mastery program provides you with videos, documents, mind maps, how-to's, and it boils everything down to only the information you really need to be successful. This helps to eliminate much of the information overload that comes with so many other classes, and causes you to miss the important parts!

I would recommend this program to anyone with a passion for real estate investing. You will be successful if you follow through this program!

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Debra Johnson, Haywood, CA

5 / 5 stars

I just wanted to say thanks to all of you at FortuneBuilders. I haven't been on all the calls but I've been on quite a few and I play back what I can. I started with you guys in February of this year and since that time, I've rehabbed a property that netted more than $85K and another deal that closed last week that netted $89K. I've started a Real Estate Investment company which has several different arms (1) rehabbing (2) purchasing property for investors at the Trustee sales for a percentage. I WILL BE FOREVER GRATFUL THAT YOU GUYS EXPOSED ME TO A WORLD THAT I DIDN'T KNOW EXISTED AS IT DOES AND GAVE ME THE CONFIDENCE TO MOVE FORWARD! MANY THANKS!

FortuneBuildersU ReviewsRead More Reviews Here ➔

Carlos Chica, Orlando, FL

5 / 5 stars

Thank you very much for everything you do! Thanks to all your help I just closed my best wholesale deal so far, over $30K, last week on my birthday! I was on vacation in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic while the deal was closing. This is the first time I have been on the beach vacationing while a deal was closing. I look forward to continue growing my business and increasing my profits so I can inform you soon of a $50k deal and then $100k deal and on and on. I am extremely happy & blessed to be a Fortunebuilders student. Thank you for everything! Success is great!

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