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Mortgages Finally Making a Comeback

The one missing piece of the housing recovery puzzle finally seems to be coming back into play… Home prices and sales volume is headed up. Housing inventory and marketing time has dropped in many areas. Home buyer and builder confidence has improved, but until now lack of access to mortgages has continued to hold back some investors and buyers and in turn real estate investing volume. However, the stars finally seem to be aligning to […]

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How to Cash in on the Next Big Real Estate Trend

Are you ready to cash in on the next big real estate investing trend? What is the biggest new trend in real estate and one of the most popular housing types, which also offers real estate investors a way to side step the competition and find bigger profit margins? According to Fox News the “next big thing in real estate” is multigenerational housing and while this is a trend which has been emerging over the […]

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How Much Can You Get for ‘Flopping’ Real Estate

Is $55,000 worth 99 years in an orange jump suit? You know the rewards of flipping real estate but what can you get for ‘flopping’ houses? CNN Money recently highlighted this new rising trend in mortgage fraud which while a profitable form of real estate investing is also catching increasing heat from investigators. According to this report homeowners and some investors are systematically lowering the value of homes to get short sales approved for the […]

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Wholesaling Lease Options: Crazy or Cash Cow

Is wholesaling of lease options just taking creative financing too far or is it one of the best strategies for creating massive wealth in the current market? There is no doubt that some have taken creative real estate investing into dangerous territory in the past and continue to do so and for many wholesaling lease options can seem like an extreme, desperate attempt at no money down real estate. However, done right it can absolutely […]

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Best Market for Rehabbing & Flipping Houses

What’s the best market for rehabbing and flipping houses? We are in it right now! The presence of huge numbers of distressed homes which need fixing and sprucing up combined with rising home values makes this the ideal market for rehabbing and flipping houses. It works in declining markets too, though clearly there are challenges to putting more money into a property while it is losing value. In a full on boom and at the […]

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Effective in Person Networking for Investors

Wouldn’t you like to close on more in-person meetings and flip more houses? Are you tired of blowing in person networking opportunities or not getting enough results? Simply getting out and introducing yourself and your real estate investing business to everyone who crosses your path can be one of the most profitable and effective forms of lead generation and generating referrals for real estate investing but so many get it all wrong. Of course for […]

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5 Real Estate Marketing Ops You’re Missing

Here are 5 easy, high ROI real estate marketing opportunities you’ve probably been missing out on… There are all types of complex, high-tech marketing strategies out there for real estate investing pros today, but there may be some easier channels which can produce real results faster that you have been overlooking. While the web is great and embracing technology is important, some of the best marketing opportunities for real estate investing may be offline and […]

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Free Real Estate Education: Sales Psychology 2.0

Could this be the missing link you need to close more real estate investing deals? They say “men are from Mars, women are from Venus”, so why is it that 99% of real estate marketing is targeted to only one group or worse, turns both off? If you want to close more real estate investing deals and convert more buyers, sellers and private mortgage lenders you cannot afford to overlook this. Men and women really […]

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How to get Home Buyers off the Fence

How can you get more home buyers off the fence and get them to pull the trigger? One of the biggest challenges many in real estate investing face today is not just getting their homes in front of prospective buyers or getting them in the door but getting them to actually make an offer, or more importantly a good offer. 4 strategies to sell more homes: 1. Scarcity Scarcity is getting easier to impose on […]

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Can Bad SEO Really Kill Your Real Estate Business?

Search engine optimization may be critical for generating more real estate investing leads but can getting it wrong really be worse for your business than not doing it at all? Real estate investors have been scrambling to SEO their websites and blogs in the last couple of years so that they come out on top of Google, get seen and attract more prospects. Some seem to instantly hit #1 with ease, while others get nasty […]

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